Learn the foundations of Data Science and Python programming and apply them on typical operations/ productions cases found today in modern organisations. This course is designed for those who wants to start becoming proficient in data analysis advanced techniques as well as Sr Managers who want to acquire hands-on experience to lead the implementation of data-rich digital solutions within an operations/supply chain environment

What will I learn?

  • Python

    The foundations of Python programming

  • Data Science

    Main Data Science tool to apply in your business, such as optimization and Machine Learning

  • Solution development

    You will build step by step you first Data Science application using Machine Learning algorithms and solve an Operation related problem

How does it work?

This course is available both in remote version or as an eLearning

  • Attendees will receive the link to access each live session few days in advance

  • After completion of the training the eLearning version will be published for the attendees. So if you missed part of the course, you can go back and get it done in your own time.

  • At the end of the course you will attend a final assessment and receive a completion certificate


Head of Data Science

Piero Donaggio